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Some of our SEO Services and Strategies: Why We Stand Out from other SEO Companies

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Proper Website Design, Architecture & Deployment

Core Architecture: We analyze the current website design, and make key changes to the core architecture of each page, and when necessary, the whole website. In many cases, these core changes are invisible to the user.

    • Proper use of html
    • Employing cascading style sheets
    • Proper positioning of key page elements
    • Analysis of existing website logs
      • Visitor behavior, internal website demographics
      • Page views, unique visitors, lengths of visits
      • Search Term and search engine referral history

Building a website navigation system: We examine the structure and page content of the website, and develop and/or modify the linking system that is designed to support the overall theme of the website and leverage a website's ranking power with keywords, key terms, and key phrases. We deploy this system with careful consideration to the architecture, the layout, and with website visitors in mind.

    • In most cases, the current navigation buttons are left in place
    • Navigation system is designed to be of benefit to end users as well as address search engine indexing.
    • Includes development of a website "sitemap"

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Broad-Scale Search Engine Optimization

Optimization is more than meta-tags and keywords: We balance the content of each page based on the website theme, and the content of each page. Every page is treated differently, and optimization is done to maximize search engine visibility for the website as a whole, and for the actual page content.

    • Maximum and Expert use of the page Title Tag
    • Style sheets utilized with special heading tags for prominent and important text
    • Bold and italics utilized for key text areas
    • Secondary titles, key term theme clusters, and "code cleaning" utilized as appropriate
    • Adjustments to text to properly adjust keyword density
    • Competition analysis is always performed prior to optimization

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Website Content Development

Recommendations and/or Assistance with Content Writing: Websites with superior content and superior architecture will always-- eventually-- outrank those which lack either. We provide website promotion strategy suggestions which include expert recommendations on writing new copy, creating new pages, sections, and general website content. When required, we have the technical writers who can research and write your copy, optimized for search engine visibility, fitting neatly into an existing website theme, and ready to serve website visitors.

    • Create entire sections to target clusters of related key terms and keywords
    • Press releases, announcements, articles, and columns
    • Short and concise page execution or broad-scale and wide-angeled lengthy documents
    • From general interest to scientific writing to trade writing

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PageRank & Website Popularity

PageRank and Website Popularity Solutions: Even the greatest content-rich websites and perfectly optimized pages require expert PR "PageRank" management. In today's search engine environment, the "website popularity rating", as measured and tracked by the major search engines, is an important factor in determining which pages rank highly for any keyword or key term search. While we can often optimize, design, and architect to outrank more "popular" websites, in many cases, development of website popularity is a required task.

    • We offer starter packages for correct design and deploypment of link exchange programs
      • Our starter packages are extremely reasonable, design to give a webmaster a head-start and the necessary training
    • We offer development services as a part of our long-term contracts
    • None of our linking systems ever end up with the "dreaded" PR 0 - the Google Penalty.

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    Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Services

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