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Quality Website Marketing Partners

This method of link popularity development has been designed so that quality small to mid-sized businesses can compete with spammers and marketing professionals who spend small fortunes manipulating search engine results in the search engines. As such, it is not a link farm, but a partnership program showcasing unique websites. Websites with huge link databases or those with automated software will not be eligible to participate.

How does the Google PR Marketing Club Work?

Quality non-spam websites that currently have a Google PR PageRank of PR 5, 6 or better are eligable to join, provided that there is a willingness to:

  • Dedicate a Google PR 4+ Page on the website for link exchanges ( PR 5 link pages for PR 6 website group ). Link pages must be developed with no more than 50 links.

  • Link Pages for the marketing club may be standard link exchange pages, or even more preferable, content pages such as this one.

  • Upon approval, a text document with html coding will be emailed with all links. We encourage webmasters to change the "title" link anchor text

How Do I Join the PR 5+ Marketing Club?

  • First, please be certain that your pages qualify by utilizing the Google Toolbar. Be certain that your website offers unique and quality content, and is not simply a spam website. Email the webmaster below for a review if you are not certain! We screen each website for uniqueness and excellence!

  • Second, choose the applicable category below ( Google PR 5 website with Google PR4 link page(s), or PR6 websites with PR5 link pages ). Then, add a link to the listed websites. We prefer pages not be named "link.html", "links.html", etc.

  • We will ignore addition requests that do not already have links posted.

  • Third, fill out the form below. Be certain your website address is correct, and your email address is up to date. We email updates to members on a weekly basis. Members have one week to make the additions and removals, before being permanently dropped from the group!

Website Marketing Partners

Many of our website marketing partners target local or regional key terms, or have begun a widened campaign for more competitive key terms.



Membership Form

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Link Anchor Text
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All information provided is held in complete confidence. We do not release any information to 3rd Parties.


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