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Eytons' Earth: Green Healing Clay of the Desert | Illite | Bentonite | Montmorillonite | Pelotherapy

About Eytons' Earth: World-renown informational website developed to study the effects of healing clays as used in natural medicine. Publishes scientific studies, articles, and case examples. Publishes tutorials and buying guides, and runs a free email list with a world-wide audience.

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Service Level: Test Site - Search Term Addendum Page™ Testing Site!

Requested Keywords, Key Terms, and Key Word / Phrase Combinations:

Primary Keywords: bentonite,green healing clay, clay chemistry,skin graft donor,raw clay, colloidal bentonite, mercury poisoning cure.... Status: Test Site

Examples: Keywords Targeted & Current Search Engine Rankings ( SERPS )*

Clay Chemistry
#1 Google, #1 Yahoo, #2 MSN, #2 All the Web

Check Search Engine Rankings for Clay Chemistry

- Google -

- Yahoo Search -

- MSN Search -

- Fast Search -

Google #8 , Yahoo #8, MSN #14, All the Web - 20+

Check Search Engine Rankings for Bentonite

- Google -

- Yahoo Search -

- MSN Search -

- Fast Search -

Green Healing Clay
Google: #1 + #2 Double, Yahoo #1, MSN #1, All the Web #1Primary Key Term:  Clean Sweep...

Check Search Engine Rankings for Green Healing Clay

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- Yahoo Search -

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- More Targeted and High Ranking Search Terms -

Colloidal Bentonite
Google: #1, Yahoo #1, MSN #6, All the Web #7

Skin Graft DonorPrimary Key Term:  Clean Sweep...
Google: #1, Yahoo #1, MSN #1, All the Web #1

Natural Medicine Forum

Google: #4, MSN #1

Alternative Medicine Forum
Google: #8, MSN #2

Mercury Poisoning Cure
Search Term Addendum Test Page

Google: #5, Yahoo #3, AOL #5

Mercury Toxicity ClayKey Term:  Clean Sweep...
Search Term Addendum Test Page - Example of Double Listing via Reinforement

Google: #1 + #2 Double, Yahoo #1, AOL #1, MSN #1, All the Web #1

Balneology - Balneotherapy - Hot Springs

Mud and Clay Baths

Are there more key words and terms? How many key term combinations are really used by people to find Eytons' Earth?

Yes: Exactly 4,567 different keyword combinations have been used by search engine visitors.

Clay and Mud Baths



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